Slavic Death Goddess Mara Wooden Icon


Slavic Death Goddess Mara Wooden Icon is carefully made of high-quality ash wood. This icon is a symbol of the Slavic magical tradition and a powerful artifact for communication and further development of interaction with the Goddess of Death Mara. The Black Mother Mara, also known as Morana or Marena, is a goddess associated with death, night, winter, rebirth, and natural cycles in Slavic mythology. She is also the ruler of the world of Navi, the patroness of witchcraft and magic.

Crafted with precision and respect for ancient Slavic traditions, this wooden icon captures the essence of the mysterious presence of the Goddess of Death, Mara. Intricate details adorn the icon, depicting the Black Mother Mara in her various aspects, symbolizing the transformative forces of life and death. From her somber face to the symbolism of winter and renewal, every aspect of the icon reflects the deep significance of Mara in Slavic mythology.

The use of ash wood adds practical and magical qualities to this icon, as ash is famous for its spiritual symbolism in many magical traditions, and the energies of ash are very good at enhancing rituals.

In addition to being used in rituals, the wooden icon “Mara the Black Mother” serves as a touching reminder of the eternal cycle of life and death.

Height: ~7.8 inches (20 cm)
Width: ~7 inches (17 cm)

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