Raven Skull Beeswax Ritual Candle with Occult Symbols


Altar candle “Raven Skull.” with occult symbols on it.
Raven is chthonic and demonic. He is a mediator between worlds and carries the energy of the mysteries of life and death, the power for deep inner transformation. And the color of the raven’s wing – black with low tide – symbolizes the beginning of creation, emptiness or that which has not yet taken shape.
A candle will help you to reveal your witchcraft abilities, strengthen your intuition, develop the ability to perceive energies within yourself and in your environment. After all, a raven, capable of penetrating beyond the boundaries of illusions, good and evil, internal and external, will become your guide. Also, a candle is perfect for working with your own Shadow: you will clearly see in yourself what prevents you from moving forward. The candle can also be used as an altar offering to gods and spirits in dark practices, to enhance dark rituals and other magical actions in which black candles are needed, and to light on the altar during the holidays of the Wheel of the Year.
Raven Skull can remain on your Altar as a decoration or serve as an assistant in many rituals.


Color: Black, Black / Blue, Black / Copper, Black / Gold, Black / Rose Silver, Black / Silver, Brown, Gold, Red, Yellow

We make our candles of pure 100% beeswax.

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