Set of 10 Ritual Violet Beeswax Candles

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Height – 13 cm
Diameter – 10 mm
Burning time – 1.5 hours

Violet is the color of Jupiter, acting as a wise teacher and keeper of secret knowledge, and Osiris, the ancient Egyptian god father, and ruler of the underworld dies every year and is resurrected by his wife, Isis. It symbolizes unconscious wisdom and everything with a psychic and spiritual nature. Violet color means a connection with other dimensions and can bring happiness to all who work not only for daily bread.

Violet candles can be used for meditation, working with past lives, fortune-telling with a magic crystal, candles and mirrors, and for astral travels. They are good for mental protection and protection from nightmares. The violet color can also be used in all rituals related to investigations, secrets, secrets, healing the spirit and exile of all evil that is connected with the past, especially failures and memories of rejected love.

Violet is the color of clairvoyance, spiritualism, and immersion in your inner world, communication with guardian angels, mysticism, and borderline situations. Violet candles are best used on Thursdays.

We make our candles of pure 100% beeswax.

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Out of stock


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