Moon Cycle Beeswax Ritual Candle


The “Moon Cycle” candle reflects the entire cycle of the Moon and can be used both alone and for rituals associated with the phases of the Moon. Also, due to the clearly delineated whole lunar cycle, the candle can be lit during the corresponding phases of the moon, which is very convenient if you need to “feed” a spell for a month.
Depending on the color of the candle, the following ways of using the candle are possible:

• Black with silver and dōTERRA essential oils – gentle yet powerful cleansing, energizing
• Black with gold and dōTERRA essential oils – for luck spells, money spells
• Black with red and dōTERRA essential oils – love spells, binding spells, love magic
• Purple with dōTERRA essential oils – for spiritual practices, mediation, help in raising awareness
• White with doTERRA lavender essential oil – beauty spells, femininity spells

Thanks to the detailed shape of the candle, craters are visible on the moon.

Available sizes:
• Height: ~5.5 Inches (~14 cm); Diameter: ~ 1.7 Inches (~4.5 cm)
• Height: ~7 Inches (~18 cm) ; Diameter: ~2.3 Inches (~6 cm)


Color: Black / Gold, Black / Red, Black / Silver, White

Height: ~5.5 Inches (14 cm), ~7 Inches (18 cm)

We make our candles of pure 100% beeswax.

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