Phallus Beeswax Ritual Candle


Phallus Beeswax Ritual Candle. Available in red, green, brown, and black color. Phallus candles of different colors are intended for different spells/rituals. Please find more details below.
• The Red Phallus Candle can be used in love magic for love spells or creating a sexual binding.
• The Green Phallus Candle can be used for money spells. A phallus is an ancient symbol of fertility. This fact was well known in ancient Egypt and other places. Green is a color of money energies. The Green Phallus Candle is good for money spells and removing financial obstacles.
• The Brown Phallus Candle can be used for prosperity spells and cleansing of connection with ancestors.
• The Black Phallus Candle can be used for removing black magic spells, which aim to hurt the ability of a man to have good sex. The black candle pierced with needles can be used for punishing a cheating man by creating sex problems.

We make our candles of pure 100% beeswax.

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