Money Spell Intention Beeswax Candle with the Intention of ”Forest Abundance”


Money intention beeswax candle with the intention of «Forest Abundance.»
This candle contains a large number of powerful magic ingredients: iguana skin and thorns , pieces of skins of a king python and a rattlesnake , a special collection of herbs , essential oils, and a Giant Forest Cockroach Archimandrita Tesselata . The color of the beeswax is brown with orange and green drops. An intention of the cleansing of a monetary and patrimonial energy channel, and also financial stagnation, is included in this candle. The candle doesn’t require a special ritual, as burning it is a ritual itself.
‼️The candle must not be left unattended, as the herbs give a strong flame‼️
Any candles with herbs can give relatively much amount of fire. So they should be lit only when they stand on a foil or a fire-resistant surface.

We make our candles from pure 100% beeswax.

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