Gaia’s Love Ritual Kit

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Gaia is the personification of the feminine origin and purpose. She is the ancestor of pure virgin love and female happiness, health.
The Goddess Gaia candle represents the entire Universe. That’s why she is a powerful conductor of energy.

Mother Earth is the soul of our planet. She is the one who brings the Earth to life, gives it a purpose, and makes life possible on Earth.

If you have dreamed about attracting a soul mate for a long time, Gaia will help you with this.
The candle reveals the ‘true woman’ in a woman.
The candle can help to remove mental obstacles related to sex.
The candle can help you to know yourself and your potential.

Composition: dōTERRA premium essential oils, pure magical herbs, 100% elite quality beeswax

Gaia candle height: ~5.9 inches (~15 cm)
Gaia candle weight: ~7.7 oz (~220 grams)

We make our candles of pure 100% beeswax.

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Out of stock


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