Set of 10 Ritual Yellow Beeswax Candles


Height – 13 cm
Diameter – 10 mm
Burning time – 1.5 hours

The yellow color in Magic is the Color of the god – the father; the yellow color is also associated with Mercury (Hermes), the winged messenger of the gods. Skillful and inventive, he became not only the patron of commerce and travelers but also adventurers.

Yellow candles, therefore, favor communication and vigorous activity of any kind, strengthen memory, improve mental abilities, help overcome spiritual and creative crises, and assimilate knowledge. Light them up if you want to gain the trust and disposition of another person or succeed in the business or intellectual fields, or if you want to act using Iron Logic, successfully pass exams or take tests. You can also use them to gain good luck. Light them before short trips, or the beginning of the moving from one apartment to another in the same area. The yellow color is also a color of healing, especially in cases where an operation is necessary or when it comes to the risk of damage. The yellow color is good for successful work in the fields of business, medicine, technology, the media, it also helps in finding a better paying job. Yellow candles are best used lit on Wednesdays.

These candles can be used to improve creativity and imagination, life energy activity, joy, and attraction. They can give strength to the mind, accelerate learning, and improve memory. These candles help in clairvoyance in divination, help to focus, and enhances the imagination in the preparation of a ritual. They correspond to Manipura, the 3rd chakra.

We make our candles of pure 100% beeswax.

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