Hecate Beeswax Ritual Candle with dōTERRA Essential Oils


Designer altar candle “Hecate” with dōTERRA essential oils.
Hecate is a Great Goddess. People have been telling myths about her for many centuries. Her name is shrouded in many legends and prejudices.
Hecate is the goddess of the moon, light in the dark kingdom. She is multifaceted, wise, fair, and fearless. He is the patron saint of all women. Hecate is the patroness of witchcraft, moonlight, darkness, and nightmares. She is responsible for poisonous plants. She commands restless spirits and monstrous creatures. The time of her reign comes with the arrival of the night of the new moon.
This is one of the most powerful candles for cleansing with negativity reversal, protection, patronage, the opening of roads and opportunities. She turns the situation in the best way for you and offers solutions in difficult moments of life.
The candle was created to work with this mysterious goddess, rituals strengthening, protection, working out the dark side, and developing witchcraft abilities.

The candle contains dōTERRA essential oils, 100% elite quality beeswax.

Height: ~5.9 inches (~15 cm)
Weight: ~5.6 oz (~160 grams)

Silicone Mold: lilith-magic-molds.com


Color: Black, Black / Blue, Black / Bronze, Black / Copper, Black / Gold, Black / Red, Black / Rose Silver, Black / Silver, Black / Violet

We make our candles of pure 100% beeswax.

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