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Skull Beeswax Ritual Candle


The skull-shaped beeswax candle is a powerful magical tool in white and black magic. The skull, personifying death, in the form of a candle destroys troubles, removes obstacles, ill-wishers, envious. It is a reservoir of spirit, vital energy, sacred knowledge.

Candle skull is used during fortune-telling, alchemical experiments, in various rituals or simply decorates the altar. Such a candle is popular in the rites of the Goths, psychics, fortunetellers, occultists. With the help of the skull candle, you can fulfill your wishes, materialize your plan. To do this, write your desire on the candle and light the candle. In addition, the fire of a candle cleanses of the home from damage and negative entities. The skull candle can also be used for protection spells.

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