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Set of 2 Santa Muerte (Holy Death) Ritual Beeswax Candles: Santa Muerte Candle + Sigil Candle


Set of 2 Santa Muerte (Holy Death) Ritual Beeswax Candles (Santa Muerte Candle + Sigil Candle).

Holy Death – the Mistress of cemeteries and graveyards, patroness of all the dead and living, she is the end and the beginning of everything. She is in charge of the entire sphere and layer of necrotic energies. She is both strict and calm, walks in a beautiful dress. In addition to her immediate duties, you can also apply to her for energy cleansing. In general, she is responsible for the transformation, for the entry into the world of the new, for the new to come, the old must die. She partly rules Sansara. She is responsible for maintaining the book of fate. She patronizes healers, doctors, and medicine. To create this candle, more than one ritual was cast, and accordingly, the offerings and gifts to the Mistress of Death were brought so that she would allow Her to embody Her image for ministry and veneration.

The candles can be used as an offering to the Death. They can be used in various rituals associated with the cemetery and necromancy. They can also be used as a figurine on a witch the altar for working with the energies of Death.
The candles are made of black beeswax and can be gilded by one of the following colors: black silver, gold, copper, purple, and blue.
Gilding does not sprinkle and does not paint hands since only high-quality materials are used.

Height of the figurine candle: ~5.9 inches (~15 cm)

Height of the Sigil candle: ~4 inches (~10 cm)
Diameter of the Sigil candle: ~1.5 inches (~4 cm)

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