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Baphomet Beeswax Ritual Candle


Baphomet beeswax ritual candle.
Baphomet is mysterious: for specific reasons, it is difficult to name her either dark or light goddess unambiguously. Despite the demonic appearance (at first glance), the wings of an angel, the highest wisdom, understanding of the human and the divine, the presence of a demonic principle in her make it impossible to commit unconscious acts under the auspices of Baphomet. With the symbol of Caduceus on the shield, Baphomet also patronizes healers. However, the presence of a demonic beginning in Baphomet suggests that it is better not to appeal to her with stupid requests, show ignorance, or disrespect. Baphomet symbolizes the unity of magic (white, black, and the so-called “gray”) and the opposites. And yes, Baphomet is “She,” not “he.”

Available colors: black, black / dark silver, black / gold, black / bronze, black / blue silver, black / purple silver, black / red, red, pink.

Height: ~7.8 Inches (20 cm)
Width: ~5.1 Inches (~13 cm)
Weight: ~1 Pound (450 grams)

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