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Rolled Beeswax Ritual Candle with Herbs and Essential Oils


Beeswax candle with herbs and essential oils. Original, environmentally friendly, with a natural aroma of honey. We manually create candles from beeswax. Natural herbs and flowers, as well as essential oils, are rolled into these beeswax candles.
Such a candle can be made for absolutely any task or program. Describe the goal you want to achieve, and we will make a candle or a set of candles, especially for you. ⠀
Herbs that can be included on request:
⠀ Wormwood – protects and cleanses from negative influences
⠀ Tansy – cleans the space and aura of a person
⠀ Thistle – protect from trouble, clean the house from negativity
⠀ Rose – attracts love
⠀ Clover + mint – money and luck in business
⠀ Laurel – money
⠀ Sage – good luck and prosperity
⠀ Chamomile + birch + sage – raise vitality
⠀ Pine – relieves negativity
⠀ Lavender – energizes, relaxes, ideal for meditation
⠀ Sage + dandelion – fulfillment of desires
⠀ Celandine – relieves anxiety and stress. Also, certain essential oils are added to candles. It is possible to apply Runes and Runic spells for a specific task.

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